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In Memory Of Our Fellow Artists From The Oakland Ghost Ship Fire

Orchestra Performance at Satya Yuga Collective. (Photo credit: Tim Wagner - @wagner_tim)

Orchestra Performance at Satya Yuga Collective. (Photo credit: Tim Wagner – @wagner_tim)

We are deeply saddened and wish to extend our condolences to all the people who have lost friends and loved ones in the recent Ghost Ship (Satya Yuga Collective) fire in Oakland.

We were affected like so many others by the passing of fellow artists in this great tragedy. The bay area art community is at such tremendous loss of the kind and talented souls who perished in the fire. They are in our thoughts everyday as we move forward. We honor them and the incredible art that they shared with us and the world.

Their memory will remain with us and we will always cherish the amazing contribution they all made to the arts community.



Artist Talk with Silvie Lukacova


Tuesday September 20, 7:30-9pm

Join us for an evening with artist Silvie Lukacova.

Artist Jacqueline Cooper will lead a discussion that will delve into Lukacova’s process and motivations in her creative approach.

Lukacova’s work is inspired by physical matter and emotional experiences. Some works are derivations of raw meat which she brings into her studio as models. Other works are more reminiscent of aerial landscapes that are extrapolated from personal experience. All her work is guttural in its application of paint to surface. A blend of impasto and knife work that sits on and penetrates the surface with visual resonance. Her use of color is subdued and limited to low-end tones and values with few selected colors that emit a somber note.

Lukacova was born and raised in the Czech Republic in the spa town of Karlovy Vary, CZ, located in the western part of Bohemia (Erzgebirge). She first visited the United States in 1996 and moved to Alameda, CA in 2000, where she has been living and working since.

Light refreshments will be served.