Current Exhibition


© Scott Anderson

© Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson, Lucia Ippolito, Frances Jetter, Philip Lawson, Jos Sances, James Shefik, and Michelle Maren Williams
October 8 – November 5th

7 Artists synthesize, weave together different strands of the world in the light of the coming election.

Opening Reception October 8, 6-9pm

The common expression is those who don’t know history are condemned to repeat it, but what about the equally dangerous recipe–those who repeat history are condemned to be trapped in it? We live at a time of expiring truths. The world is dying around us. Are we standing-by repeating old slogans and shaping the world of the present with worn out concepts?


This exhibition at BridgeMakerARTS in Richmond, California, takes this moment on the verge of the 2016 Presidential elections, to reconsider where we are and where we might be headed. Artists are asked to create work that gives breathing room to take in this moment as we sit poised on the cusp of disaster, or as we sit here on the edge of a turning point towards all that we dream and all that we fear. Is this the last moment before the hammer comes down?… the dark hour before dawn?… an endless whimper? Or is it a gathering of forces for a new, better and brighter future?… the birth of utopia, or the dystopian present extended indefinitely forward?

Curated by artists Art Hazelwood and Barbosa Prince.

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August 27- September 24
Opening Reception August 27, 6-9pm

Join us for the opening reception of Silvie Lukacova RETROSPECTIVE

Lukacova’s work is inspired by physical matter and emotional experiences. Some works are derivations of raw meat which she brings into her studio as models. Other works are more reminiscent of aerial landscapes that are extrapolated from personal experience. All her work is guttural in its application of paint to surface. A blend of impasto and knife work that sits on and penetrates the surface with visual resonance. Her use of color is subdued and limited to low-end tones and values with few selected colors that emit a somber note.


The works presented in this show are a mini-retrospective of a category of contemporary abstraction that is kept alive by artist like Lukacova who sustain a train of thought that claims lineage to early expressionism and opens a portal to the present.


Lukacova was born and raised in the Czech Republic in the spa town of Karlovy Vary, CZ, located in the western part of Bohemia (Erzgebirge). She first visited the United States in 1996 and moved to Alameda, CA in 2000, where she has been living and working since.