BridgeMakerARTS re-opening

Hello Patrons!

We are happy to report that we are planning to reopen our doors in May 2017.

After the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland there were many changes that occurred in the arts community. For our part the city of Richmond placed some challenges in front of our largest supporter Jeff right and his team.

Supporter and Patron Jeff Wright was the motivator and birthed the idea for BridgeMakerARTS. Additionally he and his company Bridge Storage and Artspace was our largest funder. Through his dedication and perseverance in helping the arts thrive in Richmond we will once again be able to continue the path of which we began in revitalizing and engaging the Richmond community through art exhibitions.

There are still many things to be done before we open our doors but we are all working diligently to meet those challenges.

Our target is to reopen in May 2017. We will be communicating our steps as things move forward as well as our list of exhibitions for the 2017 calendar.

We appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to reconnecting with the local community and to once again bring art to Richmond.

Please stay tuned and be ready for some exciting exhibitions in 2017!

BridgeMakerARTS Temporarily Suspending Operations

BridgeMakerARTS announces that we are temporarily suspending operations of the BridgeMakerARTS Gallery until permitted renovations of the Bridge ArtSpace facility are completed and certificates of occupancy are received.
We thank you for your patronage of our gallery over the last few years.
Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted.

In Memory Of Our Fellow Artists From The Oakland Ghost Ship Fire

Orchestra Performance at Satya Yuga Collective. (Photo credit: Tim Wagner - @wagner_tim)

Orchestra Performance at Satya Yuga Collective. (Photo credit: Tim Wagner – @wagner_tim)

We are deeply saddened and wish to extend our condolences to all the people who have lost friends and loved ones in the recent Ghost Ship (Satya Yuga Collective) fire in Oakland.

We were affected like so many others by the passing of fellow artists in this great tragedy. The bay area art community is at such tremendous loss of the kind and talented souls who perished in the fire. They are in our thoughts everyday as we move forward. We honor them and the incredible art that they shared with us and the world.

Their memory will remain with us and we will always cherish the amazing contribution they all made to the arts community.