Bridge Storage and ARTspace Sneak Peek Launch Party!

BridgeMakerARTS Patrons!
Bridge Storage and ARTspace is reopening with a Sneak Peek at their newly minted studios and co-working spaces.

BridgeMakerARTS is still not open but we are working with Bridge Storage and ARTspace to develop the new incarnation of our gallery space.

You are invited to an exclusive  pre-launch Open House at Bridge Storage and ArtSpace, 23 Maine Avenue, Richmond, CA on Wednesday, December 13th, from 4 pm to 8 pm.

At the Open House, get a sneak peek of the new Bridge ArtSpace!

  • Guided tours of:
    • Co-Working Space
    • Art Space (shared and private studios)
    • Gallery and Meeting Space
    • Bridge FilmSpace (an exciting new facility for independent filmmakers)
    • Maker Space
  • Enjoy food, drink, and good company
  • Hear live music from Brian Lawrence
  • Watch a mini film festival by Bridge FilmSpace – new show starting every hour
  • Apply to receive a free month at the new Bridge ArtSpace

Please come, and let the Bridge Storage and ArtSpace folks know how the new ArtSpace could work best for you. They welcome your feedback and your suggestions.

Let’s  raise a glass to this new endeavor, tour the spaces, and meet and mingle with fellow creatives!

Attendees will also get information on how to receive one month’s free rent at the revived, new Bridge ArtSpace.

BridgeMakerARTS re-opening- Target Date 2018

Hello Patrons!

We are happy to report that we are planning to reopen our doors in 2018

After the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland there were many changes that occurred in the arts community. For our part the city of Richmond placed some challenges in front of our largest supporter Jeff Wright and his team.

Jeff Wright was the key motivator and birthed the idea for BridgeMakerARTS. Additionally he and his company Bridge Storage and Artspace was our largest funder. Through his dedication and perseverance in helping the arts thrive in Richmond we will once again be able to continue the path of which we began in revitalizing and engaging the Richmond community through art exhibitions.

There are still many things to be done before we open our doors but we are all working diligently to meet those challenges.

Our target is to reopen in the 2nd Quarter of 2018.

We appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to reconnecting with the local community and to once again bring art to Richmond.

Please stay tuned and be ready for some exciting exhibitions in 2018!

BridgeMakerARTS Temporarily Suspending Operations

BridgeMakerARTS announces that we are temporarily suspending operations of the BridgeMakerARTS Gallery until permitted renovations of the Bridge ArtSpace facility are completed and certificates of occupancy are received.
We thank you for your patronage of our gallery over the last few years.
Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted.